Veggie Cheese Bowl

My father-in-law used to make two dishes especially for me whenever I came to visit. I’m sure he also made them for others in the family, but he always made a point of having them ready and available when I arrived.

They were simple in ingredients, made from the heart and always delicious. One was egg based, with finely chopped purple onion. The other had loads of finely diced cucumber and radishes mixed with farmers cheese, salt and pepper. Can’t get much simpler than that!

He used to visit the farms surrounding his community regularly, innately understanding the importance of eating fresh whenever possible. I don’t know if he ever bought eggs from a supermarket: if they didn’t come directly from the source he just didn’t eat them. He knew exactly when the corn was ready for picking at Herrle’s and when the best tomatoes would be available at the weekly farm stands.

His idea of a prefect meal would be a roasted chicken with potatoes and a sliced tomato. Never needed anything to start and by dessert he wanted little more than hot tea with lemon. I suppose that’s why his weight barely wavered and his physique barely changed throughout his adult years.

Whenever I prepare this lunch for myself it’s my father-in-law I think about as I dice the cucumbers and radishes and mix in the cheese …










Buying the freshest vegetables will ensure the best flavors.

Due to my own intolerances, I now make this using Lactaid Cottage Cheese, but you can use any cottage cheese you chose.

½ cup Cottage Cheese

2 Baby Cucumbers, seeded and finely diced

3 Radishes, finely diced

1 Scallion (Green Onion), finely dced

½ small Red Pepper, finely diced

Sno Pea Shoots, coarsely chopped

Flakey Sea Salt, like Murray River or Maldon

Fresh ground Pepper


Dice or chop all the vegetables.

Put the vegetables into a bowl. Add cottage cheese. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Gently fold everything together.


8 thoughts on “Veggie Cheese Bowl

    1. susan Post author

      That means a lot to me!! Thanks Shirl.
      He did have a way of making everyone feel special! xo

  1. Nanette

    This will be the highlight of my Shavuot table this year!!! Such a nice way to remember the originator of the recipe who I adored (as well as the modifier of it!).

  2. Valerie Jenkins

    I love this recipe. Made it with regular cheddar, watercress and rocket, it was delicious for lunches at work.
    Thank you



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