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Lamb Ragu and Pasta 3 Resized

Lamb Ragu, with a Bissel of This and a Bissel of That …

I love recipes that come together with 'a bissel of this and a bissel of that'. It always reminds me of the way my Bubie Annie cooked. Hard to follow her explanations, but the result was always a rustic masterpiece. She made strudel that was legendary; a procedure my sister Ellen watched and documented but I never had the wisdom to do.
Raw mushrooms 5

Ever-present Roasted Mushrooms

One of my children hates mushrooms! That's unfathomable to me. Consequently, for years mushrooms were an absent ingredient in our home. Pretty ironic considering roasted mushrooms are a staple in our house these days ... ever since my mushroom-loathing child left for university.