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Beef Short Ribs

I usually make Short Ribs in a dutch oven, but there's something very liberating about preparing a dish and then allowing everything to cook while you tend to other things.
steak cut

Dry Rub Bourbon Steak

The first time I made steak with bourbon I neglected to reduce the heat on my gas range before pouring in the alcohol. As the flames exploded around the steak I grabbed the pan, pulled it off the range and dropped to a squat, hoping to avoid burning my kitchen ceiling!
meatballs in bowl 2

Bubie’s Rosh Hashana Meatballs

As always, I made a rough menu for Rosh Hashana several weeks prior, and then continued to alter and add right up until the final days before. My mood changes, the produce at the market shifts, time begins to grow short; there's always a reason my menu is constantly in flux. When I pondered aloud that I may consider making meatballs this year, one of my sons immediately responded with a resounding, "Yes! Please make Bub's meatball recipe!".
Hangar steak - main pic2?

Barbecue Hanger Steak

Our July 4th this year was officially July 5th. Since some of us had to work on Friday and the holiday landed on a Thursday we decided to push it a day -- that, and the fact that all of us were actually born in other countries so we were just happy to get together, no matter what the day! My family loves Hanger Steak. It's one of the most delicious, tender and forgiving cuts of beef. Every once in a while I try different cuts, but inevitably, if I ask for requests, they most often ask for "hanger steak".