If it’s early summer it’s Strawberry Shortcake time …

straw shortcake finishedA  few years back, with an abundance of strawberries on on my counter we decided to make a strawberry shortcake. I actually think it was my daughter Leah’s idea: she was coming home to visit and thought it would be the perfect thing to prepare. She was right!

If I recall correctly, that year it was such a hit I ended up making five cakes in a very short time — two over that very first weekend.

Now, the onset of summer always means Strawberry Shortcake; the berries are super sweet, the temperatures are hot and no one wants a heavy dessert. And, if there’s ever any leftovers it makes a wonderfully decadent breakfast!

Strawberry shortcake with balsamic

Drizzling reduced balsamic over our pieces, we declared it the perfect accompaniment!

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