macaroon on plate w coconut

Coconut Macaroons

You gotta’ love coconut if you’re going to love these macaroons. If you do love coconut then these are the cookies for you!!

Unlike most of the macaroons I’ve tasted for Passover, these are not terribly sweet — such a nice change — if you do want a sweeter version, increase the amount of honey or use sweetened coconut.


Thank you to Simone Shifnadel at zenbellyblog for this recipe, who made adaptions from an original Ina Garten recipe. And so it goes …!! I made the first half following exactly to the recipe, then modified to create Chocolate Macaroons with the second half. If you don’t want any chocolate, just ignore the changes at the bottom of this recipe.

2 large Egg Whites

1/2 tsp fine Sea Salt

1 can (13.66oz/403ml) Unsweetened Coconut Milk, full-fat not lite

1/4 cup Honey

4 cups unsweetened finely shredded coconut (12 ounces)

2 tsp pure Vanilla Extract, may substitute with Pure Maple Syrup


Heat oven to 325 degrees.

Prepare two cookie sheets with parchment paper.

In a mixer, beat egg whites and salt on high until firm peaks form. Reserve.

In a medium or large saucepan, bring coconut milk and honey to gentle boil, immediately reduce heat and simmer on low for 3 minutes, stirring continually. Watch that it does not boil over.

macaroon in panStir in Vanilla. Remove from heat and stir in coconut.

Gently fold in egg whites.

Reserve half the coconut mixture to prepare some cookies with chocolate.

Macaroon on trayUsing a cookie scoop, (I used a stainless steel #60 disher, approximately 1 tbsp), drop mound-fuls on prepared cookie sheet. They can be close together, they will not spread.


Add 1½ tbsp cocoa powder and 1 tsp espresso (or regular) coffee to the remaining mixture. (Note: if you want to make all the macaroons chocolate, use 3 tbsp cocoa powder and 2 tsp coffee)

Macaroon in pan - chocGently fold until completely incorporated.

Using the same cookie scoop, put onto cookie sheet.

macaroon on tray - chocLightly sprinkle the top with flakey Maldon Sea Salt  — or other flakey sea salt.

Bake both sheets for 23 – 25 minutes, watching that they don’t burn around the edges.

macaroon on tray - bakedCool on cookie sheet until firm, about 5 minutes, then transfer to a cooking rack.

macaroon on plate w coconut

Handle carefully, these are tender macaroons and may fall apart.

Simone Shifnadel drizzles hers with chocolate, which would help to keep them together.

Note: If you do want them more dense, you could add a third egg white.

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