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drumsticks being served 2

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Drum Sticks

At some point it's time to gather all those Post-It's stuck to the inside of cupboards, the hand written notes jammed hastily into drawers, the binders exploding with recipes past, organize and begin sharing the best of them.

Veggie Cheese Bowl

My father-in-law used to make two dishes especially for me whenever I came to visit. I'm sure he also made them for others in the family, but he always made a point of having them ready and available when I arrived.

Swimming Upstream

If ever I have the chance to eat whole grilled fish, I do - every Mediterranean restaurant I eat at - but at home I often go another route: oven roasting.


I am not by nature a dog lover. My family ended up having a dog because of a promise.
cauliflower - on plate 3

Over-Roasted Cauliflower

Do you remember when we were told to eat only colorful foods? Eliminate the bland from your plate: consume vegetables and fruit that are green, red, blue, orange. We walked the produce isles looking for health and vibrance, ignoring the scorned white cauliflower.
tomatoes on table

Roasted Tomatoes

I seldom throw out old tomatoes. I often end up with cherry tomatoes that are just beginning to shrivel. Or beefsteak tomatoes that are beginning to soften. They seem un-useable, but actually there's nothing wrong with them, except for the texture -- as long as they haven't started to rot in spots. I usually have an abundance of tomatoes in my kitchen -- various varieties depending on the season.
Flourless chocolate mini muffins-cooling rack

Flourless Chocolate Mini-Muffins

You know that horrible moment of realization: you've finished preparing a dish, only to find a key ingredient still sitting on your counter. Or worse, you forget to put something in, only to find out too late to re-bake or remedy.

Spanish Sardines

You know you're in Spain when the sardines are four times the size of any you've eaten before! The fish and seafood, thought not readily available everywhere in the country, is plentiful all along along the Mediterranean Sea. It's incredibly fresh; surprisingly moist and meaty. Most often it's grilled simply, with salt, pepper and Spanish Olive Oil to bring out it's natural wonderful flavor.
meatballs in bowl 2

Bubie’s Rosh Hashana Meatballs

As always, I made a rough menu for Rosh Hashana several weeks prior, and then continued to alter and add right up until the final days before. My mood changes, the produce at the market shifts, time begins to grow short; there's always a reason my menu is constantly in flux. When I pondered aloud that I may consider making meatballs this year, one of my sons immediately responded with a resounding, "Yes! Please make Bub's meatball recipe!".
onion 6 on plate

Bloomin’ Onions

You're barbecuing. You have plenty of food. You survey the vegetables you're going to serve and start to second guess yourself. You begin to feel the vegetables are heavily out-weighted by the amount of protein you're going to serve. You quickly need another vegetable to add to the table ... that's where Bloomin' Onions come in! They are a wonderful addition to almost any barbecue. They are simple and easy to prepare. And best of all, they are delicious!!