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Bubie’s Rosh Hashana Meatballs

As always, I made a rough menu for Rosh Hashana several weeks prior, and then continued to alter and add right up until the final days before. My mood changes, the produce at the market shifts, time begins to grow short; there’s always a reason my menu is constantly in flux.

When I pondered aloud that I may consider making meatballs this year, one of my sons immediately responded with a resounding, “Yes! Please make Bub’s meatball recipe!”. I hunted around and unable to find it I asked my sister Ellen to send it to me. She also didn’t have it and then informed me that she makes her’s differently, anyways.

I then realized that my Mum hadn’t actually made the meatballs for the past several years and it was actually Ellen who had be providing the family with this delicious dish. So, it turns out that the Meatballs he had so affectionately referred to as “Bub’s”, are actually not!!

… I think I’ll still refer to my interpretation of meatballs as “Bubie’s Meatballs”, it just resonates so well!

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