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Bloomin’ Onions

You’re barbecuing. You have plenty of food. You survey the vegetables you’re going to serve and start to second guess yourself. You begin to feel the vegetables are heavily out-weighted by the amount of protein you’re going to serve. You quickly need another vegetable to add to the table … that’s where Bloomin’ Onions come in!

onion 5 on platterThey are a wonderful addition to almost any barbecue. They are simple and easy to prepare. And best of all, they are delicious!!

onion 1 cutI like to use large Sweet Onions, which I slice in half.

onion 2 prepBrush the cut sides with a little olive oil. Sprinkle with kosher salt and dried oregano (or any other dried herb you choose).

Onion on bbqGrill, cut side up, until the sides begin to shrink down and a the onions start to take on a golden color.

onion 3 on bbqThe sweet onions become even sweeter when they are grilled.

onion 4 on platterAnd serve …

2 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Onions

  1. Elisha

    Thanks for this recipe. I used it last night. It’s so easy!!!
    I would recommend oil before seasoning! Rookie error.


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