Baked Versht / Baked Salami

As a teenager I often visited my friend Leslie at her family’s cottage (summer home?) north of Toronto. Her mother always had an endless supply of snacks for all who wished to graze their way through a lazy afternoon. Closer to dinner came the baked versht. I remember it as a staple. Fanned out with deep scores and slathered with mustard, the versht was covered with tinfoil and cooked to crispy perfection. I’m not a salami eater yet I could never get enough …

My father loved versht; no family barbecue was complete without him grilling slices of salami, which we then dipped in a variety of mustards or barbecue sauce. My husband tends to do the same: he slices it up, watches as it gently chars, then we dip this delicacy in spicy mustard.

Recently I mentioned that I was making beef ribs and needed the grill for three hours so there wouldn’t be any room for salami. When I said I’d be baking it in the oven instead of putting it on the ‘Q’, my husband immediately said, “ah, versht a la Leslie’s cottage!” Good memory Hon! (It’s been years …)

There are loads of variations for this recipe — if you can call it that! Some with apricot jam or honey, dijon or spicy mustard, but I like the simple approach: Honeycup Mustard on Hebrew National Salami —

doesn’t get much easier than that!


I Large Salami, Costco sells one weighing 2 lbs — great for a crowd!

½-¾ jar Honeycup Mustard

Heat the oven to 400 degrees.


DSC02746Cut the salami but do not go all the way through.

DSC02748Put a piece of tin foil on a cookie sheet. Spray with vegetable oil. Put cut salami on top of the foil.

DSC02750Brush the top of the salami with the mustard, brushing in between each slice.

Loosely seal the tin foil at the top and bake for 1 hour.

DSC02763Open tin foil and bake another 30-45 minutes, depending on how well done you want it to be. As the salami cooks it will fall slightly to one side, half way through turn it to the other side.

Bake until well browned. The result will be crispy on the outside but still tender inside.

DSC02764The salami was delicious, pretty damn close to how I remembered it from all those years ago, sitting on the veranda overlooking the lake!

DSC_2740Serve with a dipping sauce. We like sweet and spicy mustard: Honeycup Mustard or Kozlik’s Amazing Maple are favorites.

DSC_2743Our family likes very, very, very crispy salami.

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  1. Debbie

    Our favourite, we recently enjoyed this as an appetizer for my dads 90 at a cottage cocktail party… Yummy!!


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