Face shotAs a mother of four and now ‘Bubie’, to two, I’ve prepared many a meal — I’d guesstimate in excess of seven-thousand dinners. That’s a lot of menu planning! Feeding a family of diverse tastes and preferences has given me a lot of room for experimentation over the years, inspiring new recipes and food exploration.

What began as a Biscotti Company many years ago — first as Biscotti Regalo and then as One Sharp Cookie — has slowly morphed into a catering enterprise (kosher), as well as a blogging platform to share recipes, ideas and photos.

Through the years I’ve worked alongside some of NYC’s top chefs; behind the scenes as well in the forefront, demonstrating food preparation techniques and recipes.

Through this blog I hope to share some of the experience I have gained from preparing large family meals and catering professionally, along with some of the tips and tricks picked up on the way.

I love to hear what you have to say, whether a comment, sharing your own experience or just a quick a hello! And if you have any questions I’ll do my best to try and answer them for you.

Thanks for visiting!


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