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A Little Twist …

I wasn’t going to post again this week, but just wanted to share …

Wanting to take something to a New Year’s Eve get-together, but finding myself with little time to prepare: it had to be something quick and innovative.

The aroma of chocolate with the warmth of spice … finished with a smooth coolness. Then it came to me: a flourless chocolate cake (easy), with chili (the touch of heat), and a whipped cream and mascarpone cheese topping (light and cool) finished with chocolate shavings.



Prepare 2, 6″ springform pans (or 1, 10″ pan for a larger cake) — grease the insides with butter and cut round parchment pieces for the bottom

Heat the oven to bake at 325 degrees.



Follow the recipe and instructions for the Flourless Mini-Muffins (

Additional ingredients:

1 tsp Cayenne Powder (*see note at bottom)

1/4 tsp ground Cinnamon

Chocolate Chunk for shaving (either semi sweet or dark — I like to use Sharffenburger 62% cacao semi sweet, which comes in a yellow box weighing 9.7oz/274g)

chocolate chili - chocolate

chocolate chili - chocolate smoothAdd the ground Cayenne powder along with the chopped chocolate, salt, butter, vanilla, coffee and Grande Marnier in a large glass bowl. Microwave on medium heat, 30 seconds at a time, until melted and smooth.

Chocolate chili - eggsMeanwhile, in a mixer beat the eggs, salt and sugar using a wire whisk on high, until light yellow and billowy, approximately 10 minutes.

chocolate chili - blending 2

chocolate chili - blendingSlowly fold the egg mixture into the chocolate.

Chiocolate chili cake - close up batterPour the chocolate mixture into the 2 prepared cake forms. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake on the middle rack of the oven.

Bake 30-34 minutes, until the center seems firm … when the singing stops. If you are baking in a single 8″ or 10″ cake pan, the baking time will be longer, between 35 and 40 minutes.

Allow the cake to cool completely before finishing with the cream topping.



1/2 cup Mascarpone Cheese

1 cup Whipping Cream

pinch Fine Sea Salt

2 tbsp Sugar

1 tbsp Grand Marnier

In a mixer using a wire whisk, beat the whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, sea salt, sugar and Grand Marnier on high until well incorporated and smooth.

chocolate chili - creamThis may be made in advance and refrigerated until the cake has cooled completely.

chocolate chili - cakePut the cake on a cake plate or stand.

chocolate chili - cake with icingSpread the Whipped Mascarpone Cheese topping generously across the top. Any extra sauce can be served in a dish alongside the cake.

chocolate chili - cake finished 3Using a vegetable peeler, hold the chocolate chunk over the top of the cake and shave the side of the chocolate, creating an avalanche of flakes. Don’t worry if the shavings also fall around the cake onto the plate.

chocolate chil - finished cake


*Note – If you don’t remember the last time you used your cayenne pepper it may be time to replace it with a fresh jar! As with all spices and dried herbs, after a while they lose their freshness and flavor.

2 thoughts on “A Little Twist …

  1. Sidney

    Wow! It was terrific. The heat was a nice touch. Not overpowering but definitely in there. Great chocolate flavor…fantastic texture. Thanks Susan


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