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Raw mushrooms 5

Ever-present Roasted Mushrooms

One of my children hates mushrooms! That's unfathomable to me. Consequently, for years mushrooms were an absent ingredient in our home. Pretty ironic considering roasted mushrooms are a staple in our house these days ... ever since my mushroom-loathing child left for university.
Hangar steak - main pic2?

Barbecue Hanger Steak

Our July 4th this year was officially July 5th. Since some of us had to work on Friday and the holiday landed on a Thursday we decided to push it a day -- that, and the fact that all of us were actually born in other countries so we were just happy to get together, no matter what the day! My family loves Hanger Steak. It's one of the most delicious, tender and forgiving cuts of beef. Every once in a while I try different cuts, but inevitably, if I ask for requests, they most often ask for "hanger steak".

If it’s early summer it’s Strawberry Shortcake time …

straw shortcake finished

A ¬†few years back, with an abundance of strawberries on on my counter we decided to make a strawberry shortcake. I actually think it was my daughter Leah’s idea: she was coming home to visit and thought it would be the perfect thing to prepare. She was right!

If I recall correctly, that year it was such a hit I ended up making five cakes in a very short time — two over that very first weekend.

Now, the onset of summer always means Strawberry Shortcake; the berries are super sweet, the temperatures are hot and no one wants a heavy dessert. And, if there’s ever any leftovers it makes a wonderfully decadent breakfast!

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